Using The Cloud For Personal Productivity With Evernote


By David Terrar, CEO of D2C Limited, Co-founder of Cloud Advocates

I've just made a significant switch in one of the main tools I use for my own personal productivity which highlights a key trend for the industry and all of us - the personal cloud.

Whether it is for work or our personal lives we use desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, media players and tablets and a lot of the time we need to get at the same stuff from each device. For some time we've been used to setting up our smart phones so we can sync and access...


...the same email as on our computer or the web, and the early adopters and geeky types have been sharing photos and documents too. The personal cloud will make that easy and more pervasive for everyone.

Let me explain more with the key tool that I use for all my writing, note taking, project documentation and capturing of ideas. Since January 2005 I've been using what I believe is Microsoft's best and most undervalued product - OneNote. OneNote is a free form note taking application with a user interface that looks like the Windows equivalent of a cool Moleskin notebook. I can type, draw, insert pictures or make screen clippings and capture my thoughts in multiple notebooks.

Each notebook is organised into sections by horizontal tabs across the top, and individual pages are tabbed vertically down the side. Each page is date and time stamped as I create it - in the days of paper note-taking I always used to envy those people who used notebooks that gave them a chronological view, but it was more important to me to file loose leaf by topic. With OneNote I get both.

OneNote has far superior editing functionality... continued on page two >


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