How Bloggers Can Do Your Marketing For You


By Kevin Dixie, Managing Director, Fuel My Website

We've all read the articles about how you can use your own blog to market your business, but how about using other peoples' blogs to market it too?

Consumers are increasingly checking Google (or any other search engine) in order to get extra background on businesses before making a buying decision. This is especially true for newly launched e-commerce websites and lesser known brands: consumers want reassurance that a site is trustworthy, that other customers have bought from it and that there is help if they are in need of assistance.

There are millions of people...


...blogging daily or weekly about all manner of things. They blog about their favourite food, cars or technology - some even blog about what they wear every day. These bloggers have an online voice, in an open environment. Their findings can influence the buying decisions of their readers and the rich content of their blogs is like honey to a bear for Google and Bing. Search engines value blog content highly and blogs can give long term benefits in terms of SEO for your brand or product.

Bloggers should been seen as potential customers, and treated like members of the press. They are possibly more influential - and relevant to your market - than many journalists. A quality blog review can deliver many visits to your website. And importantly, there are many quality blog reviewers to approach, giving you far more opportunities than with the mainstream press.

So how does all this look for a potential new customer? Wherever possible, people will choose to buy from someone who has been recommended by friends or family; failing that they look to Google and search for a relevant brand. If your business has no-one talking about it, how will new customers be... continued on page two >


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